HEMP43 Premium Gin

100% handmade fine distillate

HEMP 43 Premium Gin

The Hemp43 Premium Gin is a 100% handmade fine distillate manufactured which a great deal of craftsmanship and experience. At FlowingHemp, we only work with carefully selected local botanicals for this extraordinary gin, harmoniously complemented with exotic lemons and oranges.


We focus on organically cultivated and carefully harvested hemp, grown right in the middle of the Austrian Alps. A special type of juniper berry underlines the subtle, sweet and fruity aroma of hemp perfectly. The combination with sweet orange and sour lemon flavours gives this gin its irresistible well-rounded character. Hemp43 Premium Gin triumphs with its taste and sophistication, a fine distillate for connoisseurs.
(This product is absolutely THC free)

How to serve:

The characteristic fruity flavour and subtle hemp note of Hemp43 Gin is great in combination with the bitter substances in tonic water, resulting in the perfect classic gin and tonic. We recommend adding whole black pepper or thyme, which give the gin a cheeky temperament. To underline the fruity note in Hemp43 Gin, we recommend adding orange or lemon. Top Hemp43 Gin with a hemp leaf to create a real party hit and give the eye something to feast upon. Hemp43 can also be enjoyed on its own. Just add some ice and a slice of orange.



Warning: Excessive alcohol consumption poses numerous risks!