About FlowingHemp

Hemp spirits with passion


Our story begins in an era that is anything but easy for many reasons. A demanding era for all people. However, this era also brings us back to our roots and makes us focus on the essentials. We are learning to appreciate our beautiful country and its people again, and profit from the miraculous gifts Mother Nature has for us in a sustainable manner.


The deep connection with our country, people and traditions is something an award-winning creator of distilled-fruit brandies from Southern Styria, in the heart of Austria, cares deeply about. He wanted to create an extraordinary, joy-bringing product with fantastic taste, which takes people back to their origins. This he managed to do with a high-quality product made from only natural ingredients, manufactured with passion and loving care. The product is based on the distiller’s craftsmanship and one of the world’s oldest crops: Hemp. In collaboration with biologists and farmers, who in turn have devoted their passion to this extraordinary plant, and who have been researching it intensively for years and cultivating it in the Alpine region, an idea was born. The idea in its turn gave birth to a partnership between a multi-award-winning traditional distillery with extensive know-how and innovative botanical experts. The result is a premium noble distillate that combines old and new, traditional and modern, original and finite – definitely something very special.


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Warning: Excessive alcohol consumption poses numerous risks!